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Double ikat patola dupattas

Accentuate Your Outfit with a Beautifully Handcrafted Patan Patola Dupatta

Patola dupattas at Indian Weaves are an ode to the beautiful weave and a prized possession by all women. Indian Weaves is your one stop shop for patan patola dupatta handcrafted by traditional Indian weavers and delivered directly to your door no matter where you are in the world. These high quality offerings are an authentic and traditional fashion option that offers comfort and class, inspiring romance through intricate design and expert craftmanship. Once worn for practical reasons, dupatta are now worn as a perfect accent to any outfit.

Intricate Designs with a Double Ikat Patan Patola Dupatta

At Indian Weaves, we provide our customers with a range of options when it comes to dupatta. The patola silk dupatta adds style, elegance and color to any outfit, allowing you to showcase true beauty no matter where you go. The double ikat patan patola dupatta are intricately woven using the ikat technique, embodying style and technique for the perfect finished product. Dupattas add grace to any look, and have been showcased on the big screen by many actresses and personalities, and now you, too, can enjoy the beauty that this garment has to offer.

Shop for a Traditional Handwoven Dupatta Today

Experience the beauty of South Asian fashion with a patan patola dupatta from Indian Weaves. Incorporating threads from all states of India, these extravagant garments are the perfect addition to any outfit. Shop online today or call us at +91 9664514576 for more.

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Picture of Yellow navratan bhat patan patola dupatta

Yellow navratan bhat patan patola dupatta

Yellow navaratan ( nine diamonds ) bhat ( Designs ) patan patola dupatta. The word 'navratan'means navgrah, nine diamonds. the nine grahas represent the sun, moon, mars, mercury, jupiter, venus, saturn and rahu, keta which are ascending and descending nondes of the moon. on specially occasions, 'navgraha shanti' or ritual ceremony is performed. the sun is always represented in centre. the pattern emerges on the loom when the weft thread is woven into warp. the pattern are generally stylized and based on geometrical from and dyed.
$485.08 $396.88
Picture of Orange navaratan bhat  patan patola silk dupatta

Orange navaratan bhat patan patola silk dupatta

Double ikat Orange navratan patan patola silk dupatta. this is a most traditional design. navratan means nine diamonds. thee design patan patola are essentially traditional. the new design are occasionally utilized. there is the usually complex ground or body pattern, another pattern in the pallu, a different design on the borders and strips or various colours and size going warp ways and weft ways separating the ground design, and pallu.
$496.84 $420.40
Picture of Orange Four figure patan patola dupatta

Orange Four figure patan patola dupatta

Double ikat Orange Four figure patan patola dupatta. with four heritage rich motifs multihued yellow butterfly, green parrot, blue peacock, yellow tiger orange base within chhabadi design which in a red. We would also like to clarify that these are not printed dupatta. A lot of hard work and labour has gone into the making of these dupatta.
$1,006.61 $622.37
Picture of pink purple navratan bhat  patan patola dupatta

pink purple navratan bhat patan patola dupatta

Double ikat patan patola pink purple nine diamonds motifs mulberry silk dupatta. The word 'navratan'means navgrah, nine diamonds. nine gem pendant our solar system, known as 'navgraha'. according to swamini saradapriyananda, thease nine are said to have the greatest influence on the physical and psychic conditions of living beings. It was found that in almost all patolas, the entire body of the saree was patterned, and combinations as it was this kind of out look which was preferred and bought by the customers and thus a subtle and gradual change was observed in the patola saree.
$485.08 $396.88
Picture of Red Narikunjar patan patola dupatta

Red Narikunjar patan patola dupatta

Red narikunjar double ikat patan patola dupatta. narikunjar means nari(dancing girl, doll), kunjar(elephant),parrot and flower,blossom. this term referred to patola with all the four motifs used in the main field in narikunjar design. narikunjar dupatta in a white flower against black base within narikunjar design which in a red. 'chelaji re mare hatu patan thi patola mohnga lavjo' is a popular folk song that is generally played in a gujrati wedding where bride is describing the perfect patola she desires.
$499.78 $396.88